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Sound Mechanics was found by a team of specialists renowned in the fields of acoustics, vibration physics and advanced wood and adhesive technology. The company is specialised in advanced high fidelity speaker systems, speaker enclosures, professional grade audio equipment suppport and vibration control accessories.

Sound Mechanics
Unit A, 9/F Skyline Tower,
No. 18 Tong Mi Road,
Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel : 852 2389 3133
E-mail :

The head office of Sound Mechanics has already registered the associated trademark in Hong Kong. For all enquiries related to the products of Sound Mechanics, please confirm with the Hong Kong head office directly or sending email (contactus@soundmechanics.hk) to clarify the genuineness. To guarantee the quality of the products, except the original silk-print trademark, all the exporting goods of Sound Mechanics should be transferred through the port of Hong Kong to the other countries.
Sound Mechanics only website : www.soundmechanics.hk

Welcome your suggestion on how to use Sound Mechanics' products for further sound improvement. Please e-mail us contactus@soundmechanics.hk .

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