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  An Ambience Enhancer Designed to Recreate a Concert Hall Effect and to Compensate Interfect Home Listening Environment.
A device designed to improve the acoustic ambiance , the time delay and frequency range optimised to meet audio photo required. It is particularly useful in unbalanced listening environment (open one side), speakers close-to-wall, centre large screen TV.

Dimension: 2"(T) x 12½"(W) x 51"(H)

Base: ¾ "(T) x 13"(W) x 8"(D)

Price: Price On Request

  An Acoustic Diffuser - a Solid Wood Design Diffuser
with specially computed and tested dimension and structure, not only it acts as an diffuser, the solid wood would enhance a warm sound for the musiclovers.

B3L: 1½"(T) x 18"(W) x 72"

B3S: 1½"(T )x 18"(W) x 36"

Wood species: Beech, Walnut, Black Ash, White, Off white

Price: Price On Request
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